Finca El Cereto

Finca El Cereto

Tasting Notes: Orange citrus, sweet fruit and chocolate

A small, beautiful country, Honduras is the heart of Central America. Its location and geography are ideal for growing coffee and despite high poverty rates among local farmers the country’s coffee production grows stronger and stronger.

Our goal is to put as much money as possible back into our farmer’s hands by developing direct relationships with them. Winans owner, Joe Reiser, met with Hector Vasquez on a recent trip to La Labor, Honduras where he was able to directly purchase Hector’s entire harvest. This created an equal direct trade partnership between Winans and local farmers which in turn ensures their livelihood and the growth of their economy so that coffee production can continue to flourish and quality can continue to rise.

With the established partnership between Winans and El Cereto farm, Hector will be able to afford education for his teenage son and sustain his family. This is making a huge difference! He also plans to expand his farm so that in the future he will be able to produce even more high quality coffee...this is a win-win for all.
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El Cereto, Honduran, 1 lb. bag, ground El Cereto, Honduran, 1 lb. bag, ground
SKU: ECF1123G  
El Cereto, Honduran, 1 lb. bag, whole bean El Cereto, Honduran, 1 lb. bag, whole bean
SKU: ECF1123W  


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